Outstanding Clinical Trial Results for Morley Medical’s Sepsis Medical Risk Mitigation Tool

January 15, 2020

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Morley Medical has developed an artificial intelligence-based sepsis prediction risk mitigation tool that utilizes clinical variables obtained from electronic health records to determine if patients are at risk for sepsis. This work evaluates the performance of the Morley Medical sepsis tool when validated on approximately 230,000 hospitalized U.S. patients with millions of patient encounters from diverse geographical locations, institutions, and in-patient settings.

Results of the clinical evaluation of the Morley Medical sepsis risk mitigation tool demonstrate a 98.5% and 88% sensitivity and specificity respectively in predicting sepsis in adult hospitalized patients. The sensitivity and specificity statistically combined demonstrates an overall prediction accuracy of 95%. The observed positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPV) of the device are 94.5% and 96.5% respectively.

The Morley Medical sepsis risk mitigation tool provides clinicians with alerts when patients are at risk for sepsis to ensure the medical condition is identified and therapeutically managed in a timely manner. 

Medical device alarms and alerts are designed to save lives and improve the care given to patients. However, when medical device alerts and alarms become excessive, they constitute a major technological health hazard in hospitals. Clinicians with alarm fatigue are more likely to ignore the alerts being given to them which can result in a delay in the delivery of appropriate care to patients. In the case of sepsis, such a delay can be fatal. The Morley Medical sepsis tool demonstrates a high positive predictive value of 94.5%, which suggests  clinicians will not be inundated with sepsis risk alerts in patients with a low likelihood of developing sepsis, hence eliminating the concern of alert and alarm fatigue.  A high negative predictive value of 96.5%  demonstrates that in the absence of alerts or high sepsis risk prediction alerts for any given patient, clinicians can be  assured that such patients have not demonstrated any clinical changes that would warrant a change in sepsis risk as determined by the sepsis device’s machine learning algorithms.

“We are excited about the results of our clinical evaluation.  These results validate the design and effectiveness of a tool clinicians can use to save lives within their hospitals,” states Donny Johnson, CEO.   


Morley Medical is a first in class innovator in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and clinical data services, using predictive analytics tools to solve healthcare’s most challenging problems globally.  Morley Medical’s risk mitigation tool is a predictive analytics, artificial intelligent stand-alone cloud-based software system with no hardware components. The software output is made available to end users (trained medical professionals) via an intuitive user interface displayed on desktop computers and mobile communication devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets. Additionally, outputs can be sent back to EHRs. We utilize unique artificial intelligence powered machine learning processes to generate clinical decision support outputs that aid in the proactive delivery of customized and efficient care for patients.  Morley Medical’s distribution partners include insurance companies that provide coverage for provider groups, HMOs, health plans, ACO reinsurance, and health care captive management.